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Ron Tisdale
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Re: Ki and Technique...

Hi Malc,

The other poster was referring to your post, not mine And I'm not upset...just speaking strongly about what you said. You can speak strongly without being upset, which is why I used the smiley. Just because you don't agree with someone on some things does not mean you think they are a liar... But your apology is certainly accepted. No reason for you to stop 'bothering' weren't. Hopefully you'll continue to post.

As for the published works of John Stevens, I have most of them. My favorite is his biography of Teshhu. The next would be his book about the aikido of Rinjiro Shirata. The next would be his translation of 'Budo', written by Ueshiba, and the photos Stevens Sensei added. The others are more hagiography to my mind...they contain much of the 'lore' of Ueshiba and aikido...but when it comes to actual history, I prefer Stan Pranin's work. But this preference in no way takes away from the tremendous gifts Stevens Sensei has given to me personally, and to aikido in general.


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