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Re: Is Aikido techniques applicable in real world?

Originally posted by cyclone7

For example, like Katatetori Shino Nage, I dont believe tat the enemy will be so stupid to let u off his balance and wait u to turn/bend his hand to throw him down.
During the training, my opponent always hold my hands firmly so tat I can do the techniques very easily.. Somehow, I realise tat it is not the real fight or defence. But, if he not hold my hand firmly, I cant throw him.
Have a little faith in the art.

If anything, you can think of shihonage at this point as a very useful, if not crucial, exercise in basic principles of Aikido - extension, taking out slack, entering...

Give it another 6 months and you will be able to throw your uke even if he starts to really give you a hard time.

Aikido techniques work best when you think of the technique as "helping" the uke to finish the motion that he initiated. Instead of "fighting" the uke.
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