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Re: Aikido and Target Focus Training

Kristian: "and i have frequently choked or tapped him out..." How long does it take someone to become unconscious from a chokehold? Lets say 3 seconds approx. That's one-one thousand, two-one thousand, tree-one thousand… I for one would have had my thumb in your eye after 1sec."

What are you trying to say? That someone is going to thumb me while I choke them (let's not go there how I ended up doing a choke in a streetfight anyway)? That's why you have different tactics in a streetfight... I always hide my head anyway. I had an ex-Sepc-ops guy try to grab and break my fingers and reach for my eyes when I choked him... he couldn't. The head and fingers were hidden as they should be. Also I for sure COULD have heelkicked him in the groin. But it was a friendly grappling match He just resorted to dirty tactics when he was stuck. I did not expect it yet was safe.

The delivery system is developed in competitive setting.

Mike: Jorx,i'm sure in a competitive enviroment my beautiful wife would be no match for you but in a real life situation you should never underestimate a truelly determined foe.Hell lose the googles,gloves,groin protection etc and i'll lie on my back,let you straddle me and simulate a rape,with very little strength i'll be the one LOL,you my friend will be seeking an E.R.In real violence THERE ARE NO RULES get it.That means no tapouts,submissions or count outs,just life and death.Untill you get your head around this concept you won't fully comprehend what TFT is about,so maybe your uninformed biased opions on the subject would best be kept to yourself.I could and should go on but can't be bothered.

(Un)fortunately one CAN NOT PRACTICE life and death. And all "trying" to do so remains fake at all times. Therefore it is best to find a best alternative with minimal rules yet minimal acceptable injury rate and practice that.

I have been in a "dead" MA setting for over 6 years. Whatever the form is if the core is cooperative practice it will always be non-functional.
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