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Perry Bell
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Re: Best Advice Your Sensei Ever Gave

Scott Josephus wrote:
I'm assuming that this doesn't just apply to me; My Sensei (4th Dan) has a few points she regularly reiterates, but when you get down to it is just plain good advice/statements for making you think about things which apply to your Aikido. I was wondering if you had to say that there were a couple of points your Sensei regularly states that you have taken to heart, what would they be? Here are a few of the statements mine makes often:

Circles go both ways.

You must have awareness for your AIkido to be good. If you have great technique, but no awareness, your Aikido is no good.

Fluidity is more important than speed in a technique; speed will come in time.

In Aikido, we practice to control the situation, never to harm.

While you may go to the Dojo, ultimately you learn that the dojo is inside you.

And now, some of your Sensei's thoughts.

Onigai Shimasu!

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