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Re: Is Aikido techniques applicable in real world?

Originally posted by cyclone7
Hello, everybody. I am a beginner in Aikido. I have a doubt here. After 6 months I have learned aikido, I discover tat the technique tat Shinsei teach me is something "illogical".
(may be it is not called "illogical". Or should I call it "not applicable")

For example, like Katatetori Shino Nage, I dont believe tat the enemy will be so stupid to let u off his balance and wait u to turn/bend his hand to throw him down. In addition, at the time u turn as well as trying to lost his balance, he sure let off his grip on ur hand already. So, tat is no point u can counter him back by doing any technique..(of course, u can punch him directly..)

During the training, my opponent always hold my hands firmly so tat I can do the techniques very easily.. Somehow, I realise tat it is not the real fight or defence. But, if he not hold my hand firmly, I cant throw him.

My Shinsei did tell me there are 3 points I have to remember when doing the defence. 1st-- avoid the opponent attack; 2nd-- off his balance; 3rd-- doing the aikido technique to counter back.

Doing all these steps are very easy during the trainning.. but when I try to use this steps on my frens ( demo only, not real fight ), I found tat it is very hard to off his balance...

I remember Kanetsuka sensei now 7th Dan telling us at a seminar that Shihonage is not a technique for real fights. that there are to many things to go wrong. That a simple technique was better.

But I have also come across several people online that claim that they used Shihonage successfully in a real fight.with little aikido experiance that is less than six months.

It works but there are things that go wrong.

Now shihonage is a dangerous technique. reportedly more people die practiseing Shihonage
So it is demonstrated to beginners in the safest form and more dangerous versions are shown later.

As you become more skilled you will be shown other versions until you have a whole range that you can pick and chose from, Versions where it does not matter if uke is holding you or not.

at the moment you only have a screwdriver in your toolbox as you practise you will gain more tools. Try not to get into a fight until
you have more tools. The screwdriver works but you need more tools before you fight.

So yes it is likely the technique you were shown was not applicable. It is also likely that you did it too badly for it to work. There will be times when it is applicable. and you will learn more gain new tools and
learns new ways of useing the old tools.



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