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Re: What's in a belt?

Bratzo Barrena wrote:

If one consider ranks don't mean anything, then don't use the rank system. if one consider ranks means something, then each rank must show and reflect what they mean.
Very well put. In the Chudokai Yoshinkan style of Aikido, the style which I train under, at the Retsushinkan Dojo, we use a the color belt ranking system as follows:

8th kyu - white (this is the starting belt)
7th kyu - gold
6th kyu - orange
5th kyu - green
4th kyu - blue
3rd kyu - purple
2nd kyu - brown
1st kyu - red
Shodan and up - black with Hakama (only black belt wear Hakama)

Even in our organization this may change from dojo to dojo, but it stays basically the same. As for the meaning for the belts it is to let others know where you are in your training, not for you really, but that is not to say it does not give some encouragement and a sense of accomplishment. As for becoming shodan, all that means in our organization is that you know and understand the basics of the techniques and you are ready to start learning the more advanced aspects of the techniques and Aikido itself. Shodan, in my opinion, is a big steping stone on your life long journey down the path of enlightenment, but it is just one of many steping stones that make up that path.

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