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Re: What's in a belt?

Nick Simpson wrote:
Shodans a relatively lowly rank isnt it? Beggining and all that?
Ok, If you ask me what I a shodan means for me, well means nothing. I don't believe in ranks/degrees/belts or whatever one wants to call it. though I respect any association/dojo that uses this systems and respect their grades. I just don't agree with that methodology.
Now Shodan is considered in most association (as far as I know) a 'begining level', which means having the basic knowledge of principle, movements, techiniques, and so on, so you can 'really' begin to learn. But a lot of shodans or higher ranks don't even have this basic knowledge to be shodan. But they passed the test anyway. That's a big problem.

Quote: "Shodans a relatively lowly rank";
If what you mean by this statement, is that it's ok that shodans don't have proper basic knowledge or should just be consider closer to a beginner, then what's the point of being a shodan if you are as good or bad as any other lower level?
If you're gonna use a ranking system then each rank must mean and reflect something, that's common sense. But saying that because shodans are low rank anyway, and use that affirmation to justify that one should not expect much from them, is sutpid.

What's the meaning of using a ranking system and then say ranks doesn't mean anything? That's nonesence.

If one consider ranks don't mean anything, then don't use the rank system. if one consider ranks means something, then each rank must show and reflect what they mean.

Just a thought

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