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Re: Black Belt????

Nick Simpson wrote:
Pardon? I was speaking theoretically, not using myself as an example Dirk. As far as I am aware, I am currently being allowed to test

True in a way, however, after receiving Shodan more is expected of you as a senior student/yudansha and you have to strive to meet those standards, not just in the eyes of your sensei but in those of people from other dojo. As a yudansha you will be held to be a good representative of your sensei's dojo and if you dont perform/act with dignity...
While I see the point, that is expected from all our mudansha as well, 3rd kyu more than 6th kyu, sandan more than shodan and thus generally yudansha more than mudansha. It might be explicitely told before shodan grading and the step is bigger than before - technically as well - , but it is all the same.

@mark: Are you sure you meant waist area and not lumbar region? It sounds as you were expected to make many mudansha (preferably female) happy. OK OK unqualified joke, will be deleted and moved to humor region ("aikido jokes, nobody laughs about").


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