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Re: Poll: Would you wear a hakama with its knee(s) patched in your aikido dojo?


will you tell about that ukemi please?

One day in judo class Sensei devised a new technique: Grip the tail at the bottom of the gi, pull, and circle uke up your back! Senior student rolled his eyes uncharacteristically. I was intrigued, but outranked (of course), and in the next few moments heard the sound of gis tearing all around me, including my own.

Sensei walked back out, smiled his biggest grin, and said "Ah, more gi sales." I stepped right up to purchase a new gi, was handed back ten dollars and instructed by Sensei to run to the deli across the street, and get him a chicken sandwich, 'hold the mustard, and.....nevermind you'll forget, they know how I like it.'

And this is how the tradition of 'buying Sensei lunch' began.

I miss the hell out of Sensei, since retired.

Hope you enjoyed the story.

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