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Re: Poll: Should aikido teachers tell their students how to act in their everyday lives outside of the d


I think common sense should be the guiding principle here. Aikido teachers are teachers not 'gurus' some may be good technicians, but that may be the limit of there 'qualifications'. Some may have spent their whole lives practicing Budo, and live their lives accordingly, on or off the mat no difference.
If you are 'told' to do something in your life that is not aikido related it is your choice whether you follow the instruction.
Much depends on how much genuine respect you have for the person doing the telling, and the reason behing why you are being told. For example, if you are prone to getting into 'scuffles' down the pub on a friday night and your teacher 'tells' you to pay more attention to avoiding this behaviour, then I believe that this may be fair. If on the other hand you are being told to behave in a way that has no bearing on your practice or your conduct within the dojo, then you may ask why you teacher is exercising this sort of control.
Just a few thoughts, I think Chuck just said the same thing in less words.


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