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Larry Feldman
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Re: Poll: Should aikido teachers tell their students how to act in their everyday lives outside of the d

Lyle - you are so right about not confusing teachers with therapists or parents. It always amazes me that because I can teach a student how to throw someone down, they think I am an expert on: marriage, divorce, finding a job, leaving a job, etc. There are times I want to put a Disclaimer on my Gi; "Caution, this man is not your Rabbi". For a long time my senior student was a therapist and I used to joke with her about it - hey this is your department. Once she had to give me recommendations of a therapist for a student.

But I do help where I can, and give advice if I feel like I am qualified At times I will direct them to someone else in the dojo if they can help, or ask the dojo if they have any contacts. Sometimes it is as innocent as looking for a dentist since they heard my brother is one.
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