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Re: Planning trip to Japan

I'm studying Japanese and by the end I should have completed level 3 Japanese profeciency Exam.
that's good, don't forget to brush up on aikido Japanese too. get as much speaking practice in as you can.

Train with Saito Sensei - go and meet with him and explore the iwama area.
Uh, I'm sorry, but he died in 2002. probably lots of his students left.

However not only train with these Sensei's but also become friendly with them if that makes sense. I'm aware of the cultural aspects of relationships with sensei and student, but was wondering what you guys thought.
I think it really depends on the person. there are a good few senseis out there that are really down to earth and are up for a good laugh and beer after practice. Just try to be aware of the atmosphere of the dojo and go with what every one else does. I'm in Osaka, and the atmosphere is really laid back. I know that's probably not true for all of japan though. I have heard some of my senseis say that they don't like how high and mighty Japanese senseis have gotten outside of japan. remember there is a difference between being very polite and treating someone like a god, polite is the way to go.

Abe sensei's page:
it's in English too. I live nearby, but I've never been. maybe I should go.

how long will you be staying?
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