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Planning trip to Japan

Ok I'm planning my trip to Japan at the end of the year and will be there for two months. I have been there before, and stayed for just under a month. However this time I will be immersing myself totally in the culture, as this year I'm studying Japanese and by the end I should have completed level 3 Japanese profeciency Exam.

These are the following things I want to do, and basically I'm asking people how I should go about. I'm wanting to train with the following people/places:
1. Seiseki Abe - not only train but also learn some calligraphy there with him.
2. Train with Miyako Fujitani - did that the first time - but wondering how I can get in touch with her as I've tried her email with no success.
3. Train with Saito Sensei - go and meet with him and explore the iwama area.
4. Isoyama Sensei at the Aikishrine.
5. And train with Anno Sensei of Hikitsuchi Sensei's disciple. Something which I've wanted to do for a very long time..

However not only train with these Sensei's but also become friendly with them if that makes sense. I'm aware of the cultural aspects of relationships with sensei and student, but was wondering what you guys thought. Wondering if anyone could get me contact details for the above sensei, either email or fax so that I could possibly let them know before I arrive. I will also be taking a recommendation letter which goes without saying.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Thank you.
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