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Re: Frustrated by unconvincing aikido

"Shut up and train!" and then have a beer (or the beverage of your choice) afterwards. Isn't that what aikido is all about?

If an aikido technique is effective, it can be demonstrated to be effective. Period. No ifs, ands or buts. It either works, or it doesn't. Understanding HOW it works is another topic for discussion.... but you really have to feel the technique, and the attack, to be a part of the conversation.

If you don't understand the demonstration, ask respectfully and politely for personal instruction. If, even after personal instruction, you still don't get it -- shut up and train, something else is coming along sooner or later that you WILL get.

Akira Tohei once said, "When the fruit is ripe, you can eat it."

A little danger is a knowledge thing...

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