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Mike Sigman
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Re: Training over 50

Alec Corper wrote:
So the question to some of you old, damaged warriors out there is this:
What is the nature of your training as you get older?
Shioda Kancho made a remark in Aikido Shugyo in that he agreed with Ueshiba that you do these things so you will have strength and health in your old age. I tend to limit my practices to the most focused items that will provide me with unusual strength and health as I continue to get older. So, for example, if someone wanted to interest me in a martial art that had mostly aerobic exercise or perhaps was heavily ritual-oriented, or in some other way was not focused 98% of the time on things that would improve my condition, I simply wouldn't do them. Of course, the caveat is that I do my "exercise" (because that's what it is) in the framework of martial arts. Why waste time?

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