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Re: Poll: How necessary are organizations in aikido?

Difficult to follow such august speakers. Different tack:

One of the funny artifacts of aikido organizations is interacting with other dojos that are of 'the other' group. (I'm affiliated with ASU, there is a reputedly excellent Federation dojo across town)

See how I worded that? I've met the 'other' Sensei and he seems a decent fellow, but I've never been to his school, yet when I speak of it I have to use my best diplomacy to be sure I am polite. In a medium size town like Tampa it seems silly to have different organizations at all. Oh, but I'm being silly - I've heard of the 'ecumenical' differences between 'us and them'.

I don't give a rat's rear about that stuff. In fact I think I'll promise myself to get over there and check out that other school (better get my hakama cleaned and pressed).

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