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Re: Training over 50


I think this should be split off into a special forum for we semi-centurions who still grace the dojo. This forum should really only accessed by certified members, with verifiable birth certificates, so we can pass on all our knowledge to each other. Jun can you arrange this?

In a half century-plus, we have learned so many valuable lessons and skills that how can we possibly communicate any of this with our "juniors". Our age experience and deep understanding of life and the art is too difficult for the teens, 20, 30 and 40-somethings to fathom.

Given all this......................................why is it that some days are like the very first day on the mat and migi is hidari and my hair is thinning!!!!????? If we told all those young whipper snappers the truth, would they still be practicing at our ripe old age.

All these profound thoughts also come on the Eve of my Shodan Test.

Apprehension and questions fire across my brain like water on a hot skillet……………

* * *

HELP. Am I ready for the test? No!

Will I take the test ? Yes.

Will I pass the test, I'll tell you after it's over and the results are posted.

So the question is why am I testing and trying to do what these "kids" are doing?. The answer is the great people and teachers in Aikido, the effort, joy, and time I have put into it: and because Sensei told me to test.

Do I know all the techniques perfectly? The answer to this is no.

Now I'm beginning to figure out that I'm simply starting to understand that this ( aikido and life)is a long term activity and I only have another forty or fifty years to get it right.

I'll go out there for my test,like every test before, do some techniques correctly, some not, and others I will forget. But I'll go down trying/fighting.(What did Yoda say?) I'll also write a big M on one foot and an H on the other so at least I'll have the correct foot forward.

So to all you young guys………….stop reading forums and get on the mat.

Cheers from a teenager disguised as an old guy having fun.
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