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Alec Corper
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Re: Training over 50

Appreciate the comments, Mark, and I know what i can be for my students. However, I'm also still interested in my own training and curious about how others train as they get older. For example, I am more interested in the mechanics of Aiki taiso than I used to be, viewing flexibility as a vehicle of power, and a way of using muscles differently. I'm also curious about specific exercises for the tendons and joints. I'm busy with Chi Gung and Tai Chi, and have been on and off for many years, so I'm also reexamining what could be called the inner aspects of Aikido. There are a host of other areas that many out there have played with in the years, such as subliminal gestures, manipulation of sen and mai, etc. that make more sense now than they did. I know there are inspirational examples out there, but I'm not lacking inspiration, I'm still busy.
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