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Re: Article: Apples and Oranges; State Specific Learning by Lynn Seiser

Ignatius Teo wrote:
Correct me if I'm wrong, I think what Lynn is saying (trying to say?) is that each learning state is specific, or that at each stage of learning, one is learning movement in a specific state. And that these states may be different from one martial art to another may be as different as apples are to oranges.
Thank you for that.
Yep, that's all I have been saying.
Apples or oranges aren't better, just different.
Tai Chi or Aikido aren't better, just different.
If you want better apple juice, use apples.
If you want better orange juice, use oranges.
If you want better Tai Chi, train in Tai Chi.
If you want better Aikido, train in Aikido.
If you want to be able to fight, train at a high level of intent and intensity closest to the state you want it to be performed.

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