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Re: Test Passing Standards - What is it?

Jordan McClure wrote:
I'm far from an expert, but the impression I get from our dojo is that the tests are more demonstrations than tests, and therefore unless something goes horribly wrong, everyone passes.

The senseis won't let people test who they aren't sure are ready and thus the real "test" is in whether or not your sensei thinks you are ready to represent the dojo at the test.
i agree with this point, if a student fails a test than the sensei has not done their job right, students should only be put forward or selected for the test because the sensei know that they are ready for that grade. if they fail than the sensei has also failed in not being aware of his own students capability (obviously there are exceptions to this, and do not claim that all failures are due to the sensei in question). in relation to the other point, the tests i feel are a bit more tailored to the student, and one has to look at the broader side of things to what that student has had to do to achieve where they are. not everyone is naturally talented at aikido and if testing was done on technique ability alone there would be far less aikidoka then there is now.

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