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I tried resisting from posting an entry in this highly debatable subject, but then I couldn't resist asking everyone's opinion of an account i got when training at the recent AAF seminar in singapore. This was told by a black belt who went to practice in hombu dojo the previous year where one of the instructor there demonstrated his 'ki' power. He showed the class that he has a 'ki' ball in his hands, to which he then threw at this black belt guy. Not wanting to embarass the instructor, this fellow proceeded to fall down, apparently being hit squarely by that 'ki' ball. Now, being a straight kinda guy. I would have probably stood there and look surprised if someone threw a 'ki' ball at me (unless of course it actually worked). But the black belt felt it was necessary to take the fall because he thought it would make the rest of his stay there safer. Politics in aikido?

Going back to the no touch throw. I think I understand somewhat how it could work. If uke was committed and nage had his timing right, he could throw uke's balance off by either a deception or just plain good ol body movement. Harder to pull off if uke was ready for nage's move. I guess, the best time to see this in action is in a good randori.
Myself, after seeing Sensei minegishi in action. I hope that i can still move like here when i'm 61. actually i wish i can move like her now! clumsy as i am today, no doubt the no touch throw is out of my realm.

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