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Re: ?? Exaggeration in Aikido ??

Jean de Rochefort wrote:

I'd say approximately 3,650 hrs. Give or take a couple hundred.

Approx. one quarter in mat time; a little over a quarter solo training; about half book studies.

That doesn't include time spent thinking (focusing) on techniques/movements beyond that.
That is a really unusual way of saying how long you've been training.

3650 hours.

1825 hours in book studies? Not sure what that's really about. I mean, I've read lots of martial arts, philosophy, and science books that have made me think different about my training, but I don't consider them "training time" per se.

So that leaves us with 1825 hours to training. And half of this is "solo" training and half "on the mat?" I presume solo training to be like kata or something done not in the dojo or gym??? Regardless, that leaves us with 912.5 hours of training time on the mat with a partner.

I'd say that a bare minimum training week would be 6 hours a week. Either 2 three hour training days, or 3 two hour training days. Also, lets presume you go to every class and never miss. That would give us 288 hours a year. Lets say you trained a little bit extra a couple times and round it up to an even 300 hours a year. (I'll admit, I'm leaving off seminars, and training on the weekends and the like, which I presume most serious Aikido/MA enthusiasts do. But I'm trying to establish a base average here.)

With that being the case: 912.5/300=3.04

Essentially, from the information you've provided us, you've spent three years on the mat. Is this exclusivly in Aikido as well? I haven't followed this thread or your posts that carefully. But from the way you seem to be acting I think that's probably the case. In my experience, three years isn't that long of a time to be training. Especially to claim to have gained some sort of proficiency in fighting/martial arts that justifies making authoritative claims.

Or maybe you've been training longer, but less frequently? But that would just make matters worse. There is of course, the claim that it is not the time but the intensity. I think it's a true statement but even with that being the case, three years (at only 6 hours a week) is still not that much time, even with intensive training.

All that's there to say: easy up on the definitive statements about something as ambiguous as fighting. Also, keep an open mind because there are some people on the board with more experience in Aikido, and other martial arts than you. A LOT more. Maybe what they have to say is worth consideration as well, y'know?

Keith Lee
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