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Re: Desperate to rehabilitate ki

Shaun Ravens wrote:
...I am wondering if this were all true, using your ground path paradigm how would someone without a path to the ground manifest high levels of Kokyu and separately achieve Aiki if they were to be facing an opponent let's say in a weightless environment? Would this even be possible given your current paradigm?
Do you know of someone who can do that? I'm not sure that's possible unless Newton's 3rd law is somehow violated...

As another example, say five people held your teacher up against the wall with his feet off the floor, one each by his two legs, two arms and lastly by his torso... how would he handle that with one manifestation of Ki, Kokyu, Chi, Pranayama, Jin ...etc.? Would he take a different approach if he were lying down on his back, on the floor, with one student each sitting on each limb and one on his torso?.
How does someone bounce a basketball that's stationary on the ground? Just curious....

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