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Adam Alexander
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Re: ?? Exaggeration in Aikido ??

Ron Tisdale wrote:
a) have you seen each other's aikido? I was under the impression that we were going off of written descriptions, so that would not be possible. I could be mistaken; David Valedez has posted video of himself doing waza and exercises, so at least there we have something somewhat concrete to go on.

d) It is a fine line you walk when deciding when to use that for cover, and when that is a legitimate position to take. Right looks like cover.
A)We'd need to see each other's to say if our techniques were good or bad. However, I'm pretty certain that you can tell by what someone's saying if they do or don't get it.

D)That's interesting. It's just like Aikido...It looks like one thing, but it's so much more
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