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Re: Desperate to rehabilitate ki

Jo Adell wrote:
So what I am inferring is that because we do not have the technology to measure & thereby prove ki exists, we should not believe it does?

I believe ki is. I just don't think you can use it like a super power. Just because the technology hasn't been invented to prove something is or is not, doesn't mean it doesn't exist.
No, all I'm saying is that your arguments for ki as a separate force from the other forces you described aren't consistent. Those other forces are measurable, ki, as distinct from them, is not.

You choose to infer that means it does not exist, which is not what I said. I do belieev that the model of ki is and can be useful, but that there are other models which are better suited to most mindsets.

Mixing modern models with ancient ones is a mistake, IMO. Modern models GREW out of ancient ones, and do not set aside old ideas without reason or great deliberations. Follow one or the other of the models, but mixing them requires a great deal of thought and effort and success is more rare than pixie dust.

Jo Adell wrote:
Of course I also believe in pixies but I don't believe in religion.
Fascinating. I can demonstrate that religions exist, but I cannot demonstrate that pixies do.

I don't follow one, but I certainly believe in religion. I also believe that pixies exist; both as a band and as mythical creatures.

Naturally, everyone chooses to believe or not believe in what they wish and I suspect what we choose to believe says a lot about ourselves.



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