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Amelia Smith wrote:

If your training partner is being a real jerk, they're not just stopping your technique for their own ego gratification,

To be anble to move poeple who try to stop you IS the technique. If you can't do it, you're not doing the technique. If you think you've got the technique, but you can't move pople who try to stop you, you don't know the technique, you only know the form.

Granted, a uke should help nage to learn the "technique". Ruth was obviously a higher kyu than the 4th Kyu "jerk".

If I can't move a lower kyu uke, I usually feel ashamed of myself. I ask my sensei to demostrate the technique again. I'm not a fast learner. I still can't move some big people, I just tell them that I haven't got the technique down yet, and go easy on me.
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