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Re: Osaka & Kyoto recommendations

Ron Tisdale wrote:
If you can get to Kobe, Nakao Sensei is a 'must train with'. I trained with him once, here in the states, and he is amazing. I would not pass up that opportunity.
I will be training with Nakao sensei as much as possible during my trip, although the first week is taking a hit because of commitments to visit family members and friends in Tokyo and such. I will be around 1 and 2 but then disappear for 4 days , back on 7, out on 8 (Peter, Peter, Michael ), and then as much as possible until 16 .

Hope to catch up with Brad at the Seibukan, happy to catch up with Jory too if you're down Kobe way 1 or 2, good keiko on Saturday and Sunday mornings.



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