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Re: Desperate to rehabilitate ki

Jo Adell wrote:
How come we can believe in certain invisible rays of energy and not believe in other ones?
Because the ones 'we' believe in are measurable and consistently reproducible. Therefore they can be studied, understood, explained, and utilized.

Jo Adell wrote:
I don't know how gppd an analogy this is, other than saying that I personally believe that ki is as real as electricity or radio waves or those other magic invisible rays that let us see through things and peple, or lift extremely heavy objects, or defy gravity. We can use it without understanding it then, can't we? I sure don't understand how the internet works, isn't it also an invisible mysterious thing? But I can use it...
Specific information on how electricity, radio waves, x-rays, MRI's, magnetic fields, and yes, even the internet work is readily available, understandable, and reproducible by anyone who wants to spend the time doing the research.

You'll find that the usual reason for disbelief in ki and spiritual chrystal energy as forces separate from these other phenomena is predicated on the inability of anyone to readily demonstrate that any demonstrated phenomena is already well explained by what is already known.

Just because something is mysterious to you doesn't mean it's mysterious.

So I wouldn't argue that ki is not real, but I guess my point of view puts me in the aforementioned BMA camp.



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