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Re: Desperate to rehabilitate ki

How come we can believe in certain invisible rays of energy and not believe in other ones?
I work with gems. People are constantly asking me which stones will do what effect. I ask, what do you mean by that? They start going on about crystal spiritual energy transmission. I tell them, well, yeah, crystals DO transmit energy, just ask anyone who wears glasses, listens to the radio (yes, in the ancient pre-digital years) or works with lasers. Anyway, that stuff that goes along electrical wires is also a mysterious invisible force, btw.
Anyway I also tell them that no spiritual advisor can tell you that a specific stone will get you a specific result. Since I am up to my elbows in them every day and didn't even have a boyfriend (one of the most desired "effects" of wearing specific stones),The stone isn't going to Do It for them. However if there happens to be a stone that they really personally groove on and can spend time with, they will possibly develop their focus to the point where they do the thing that manifests the wealth, boyfriend, whatever.
I don't know how gppd an analogy this is, other than saying that I personally believe that ki is as real as electricity or radio waves or those other magic invisible rays that let us see through things and peple, or lift extremely heavy objects, or defy gravity.We can use it without understanding it then, can't we? I sure don't understand how the internet works, isn't it also an invisible mysterious thing? But I can use it...


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