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Re: Article: The Triangular Base of Training: Wisdom, Humility, and Self-doubt by "The Grindstone"

My feelings about the article were similar to Mary Kaye's reaction. I felt that it was not written for people like me, that it presupposes a strong ego and a certain amount of self-confidence.

While I agree with David's position that self doubt in the spiritual sense is not equal to insecurity, and that a weak ego is still an ego, I still think there's something missing here. To me, some sense of self or ego is necessary to function in the world, and the spiritual goal is not so much destruction of that ego as non-attachment to that outer self. In order to attain that non-attachment, you need to be starting from a reasonably healthy ego. False self-confidence and over-zealous self-flaggelation are both products of insecurity, and self-doubt is not necessarily the first and only perscription for letting go of ego-attachment.

Am I making any sense here? What I'm trying to say is that for a lot of us, especially women, becoming more self-confident is a better step towards letting go of ego attachment than indulging in "self-doubt" which re-enforces that ego's predisposition towards self-criticism, thereby making the ego more firmly entrenched. I don't believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to spiritual practice -- that's why the world's great religions have depth and complexity, they have grown to be able to take in and address the needs of different kinds of people at different life stages.

But I digress.

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