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Re: Desperate to rehabilitate ki

Shaun Ravens wrote:

I would like to add that when we look at Newton's Second Law of Motion F=M(A) we see that Force has two components, one that is calculated on an actual scale (weight), and one that is calculated on a relative scale (rate of increase in speed). This means that a force is made up of a physical and what I call non-physical component. Perhaps that is why there are two camps as you say, the believers and the non-believers. I would go so far as to say there are four camps, really.
Just a couple of thoughts.

The MA=F equations so often spouted is a little bit more complex than it seems.

If you get into the "internal" factor then what "m" really constitutes needs to be more closely examined(If you ask me, most boxers that try to throw all their weight behind punch or kick aren't actually using their structure to maximum efficiency, and hence their weight).
Also, "a" needs to be examined to. There's a bunch of things that drive "a" within the human body.

If you want to get really technical the break down would look like

m1a1 (Mass/acceleration of tanden) + m2a2 (mass/acceleration of compression/expansion of spine) + m3a3(mass/acceleration of backbow in the case of taichi) + m4a4 (mass/acceleration of all joints held together with 6 directional contradictory force) .... and so on = F

If you don't have control over any of these factors, you take away from the overall equation and end up with less power, less efficiency.

The dirty details have already been done to death here, and on several other boards(do a search for "Ki" and "kokyu". There's other teachers teaching this stuff pretty concretely without any mysticism involved.
If you ask me, most of the exercises designed to develop this kind of body skill is already in Aikido, just few actually know how to do the exercises to develop them (Just a personal opinoin, don't flame me)

Shaun Ravens wrote:
It should be noted that Taiji is not Aikido by any means. Certainly O-Sensei didn't do Taiji... did he?
Yea, but to a large degree the foundation that's developed is the same(considering that the source is probably the same anyways). How you use that foundation might be a bit different, but we only have two arms, two legs and a head, so there's only going to be so many variations of the use of internal mechanics.

If you want to see grownups discussing this and flaming each other, head over to e-budo
There's several threads on the stuff under
"Kuzushi", "Aikido from babies" "Akuzawa" etc etc

Just my two yen

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