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Re: ?? Exaggeration in Aikido ??

heh heh. There are no "secrets" in martial arts. Only good training. You've worked long and hard to get these secrets? How long was that again? I have to wonder, if your philosophy is to keep your knowledge so close to your chest and not give it away, then what are you doing on the forum. It seems you're happy to put forth very strong and some would say conceited views, but when challenged resort back to "well I'm not going to tell you because you're not worthy nyah nyah" Which is it, you want to contribute to the discussion and further knowledge or you don't.

As for knowing someone capbable of performing technique infallibly each and every time - not so much a set up. I personally think such a claim is ridiculous. But as you've previously implied that "doing" aikido properly may not be something anyone is currently capable of, I just was curious which particular sillyness was behind the latest comments - the belief that someone can be infallible, or the belief that the value of aikido lies in a faraway land no one can ever reach.

As for Aikido being present in real life situations - no doubt. We just have different ideas as to what Aikido looks like and how it should be trained.

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