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Re: Poll: How necessary are organizations in aikido?

I like Peter's comments very much - I think us U.S. folks have to keep in mind how different other areas might be from what we experience here.

Overall, a nice discussion. Thanks.

Just wondering about this one comment, made several times, on how organizations allow folks to train with and learn from a Shihan, etc. I'm a bit more skeptical when it comes to this claim. For me, I would have worded this as, "Organizations allow folks to be on the mat with shihan (if one continues on with this line of thought - "allowing them to inaccurately say that they have studied with and learned from the shihan.").

In reality, there's a whole lot of distance between learning and studying with a shihan (or any teacher for that matter) and just being on the mat with one at some seminar and/or camp - yet, and here's the funny part, organizations and organizers like to pretend that there's not. With the video age upon us, I'm not so sure we need organizations out there to fulfill this need still.


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