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Re: Poll: How necessary are organizations in aikido?

Lions, dogs, zebras, etc... travel in "organizations" for survival. For them survival depends on being together. They cannot travel to another "pack" because they will be killed.

I think what makes us unique is that a smaller group can survive without a large organization, only because we have the opportunity to go to a larger organization to train and learn from. As civilized humans we welcome outsiders in our dojos and seminars and that permits the transmission of O'Sensei's aikido.

Smaller dojos and organizations are needed for those that share a common goal - training in a similar manner or style. A smaller organization allows for those that are far removed from the really good Shihan to train under some kind of orderly fashion.

Now a whole other issue is being a part of a larger organization so that recognition of your rank is transferable to a place other than where you train. It depends on what an aikidoists plans to do with their aikido, whether they will be moving to a large city, another country, etc... and whether they will even find another organization that will recognize the rank. Of course, rank or no rank, I think that people will recognize whether you can or cannot do aikido. I have studied with people from large organization who were awesome, and others from the exact same organization that were awful. It still the responsibility of the student to learn the aikido that is being taught.

So, "How necessary are organizations?" - I voted: Somewhat necessary.
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