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Ruth McWilliam wrote:
So what happens when some big chump grabs you and powers up his muscles to effectively stop you moving in any direction you try to move?

I had this happen recently, where a 4th kyu guy and I were doing a back stretch technique, and he couldn't figure it out too well, so he decided to overpower me so I couldn't even try to do it myself

I asked him if he was going to let me do the backstretch, then sensei clapped so I turned away from him and scooted back to the side of the mat without bowing (which I know was rude, but the 4th kyu was rude first)

I know I could have gotten him to move by aiming my knee at his testicles, but that's not going to teach him not to be a jerk. I just hate it when people take advantage of my good nature on the mat like this

Full sympathy from me!

I actually had a similar incident with a new guy who was mucking about wiggling and using power to show he could get out of whatever it was i was struggling to apply. He wouldn't let me just learn the technique (I was very new at the time too and given how much I struggle to pick things up...)

I did tell him I was very new too and please could he just let me practice too, but he wasn't listening. So I moved my knee to show that if he carried on being an arse I could theoretically knee him in the head.

Unfortunately, my knee moved a whole lot faster and further than I anticipated and he happened to turn to face it. He refused to get up for a while.

A certain well know head of school of was teaching that time who instantly came rushing over to see what had happened and I got more sympathy than him!

I reckon there's a lesson there.

I felt awful.
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