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Re: Ki and Technique...

Hi ya I.D, This is the spiritual part to this web site but it seems there are not many Aikidokas who have any positive ideas about O'Sensei's Aikido(spiritual side) and seem like yourself to believe it all to be silly stories (myths). One thing is definite that the great man did not write works like ‘The Way of Peace ‘ because he was bored one day or wanted to play a joke. I can understand that most people come to Aikido like any martial art to basically learn to ‘kick ass', but then to read/be told that the founder was ‘into that mystical stuff' would not be understood.
I come from a different angle I have been practicing RajYoga for 30yrs and Tai Chi for 10yrs, and come to this site to see if anymore works of the great man have been found/translated as teachers like O'Sensei can inspire followers of ‘the way' and help us to practice harder our meditation techniques. It is a shame that meditation has so many different types/styles and money making people that have jumped on the band wagon. We now have chanting, shaved heads, living in caves, giving up sex, practicing detachment, whale music, Yoga mats, staring at candles, standing on one leg, hugging trees and all the new age stuff, it seems on the outside like a load of rubbish and most of it is, but when the Founder tells us to use the Pranayarma in ‘The Way of Peace, he pointed out the most commonly used REAL technique of meditation.
There is an experience of Peace/Love in side every human being and it is there, waiting to be tapped into. It is hard to clear our head of all the thoughts that constantly chatter away in our every day but it's only when we do this that we can be come aware of this wonderful experience, we touch it from time to time when the head stops or in training, a quiet state but with the next thought it can be gone. Practicing meditation every day helps us to control this crazy beast that lives in our heads, as my teacher asked me " Do you want to be a passenger or do you want to be the pilot of your life" this is so true, all you smokers out there who have tried to give up will know how powerful this mind of ours is, and to tell people to sit quietly on there own? Well that sounds like solitary confinement and that's used as a torture! If you were to try O'Sensei's way and meditate everyday you will be engulfed by the Inner Light, then there are know doubts, it is awesome, wonderful, the best orgasm you'll ever have (with none of the mess). But it's not like a chocolate bar machine, you put in your money and it comes out, it may take yrs, it took me two years to have Kensho.
Trust the Great Man and turn your awareness that goes outside all the time and focus inside, it is hard but the rewards are enormous. Have a look at ‘The Nature of Aiki' by G.S.Ledyard on this site, very nice article. I'll shut up now, here's some more words of the great man, I've added a bit in brackets hope know one minds All the best Malc
We can say that Aikido is a way to sweep away devils with the sincerity of our breath (PRANAYARMA) instead of a sword. That is to say, to turn the devil-minded world into the World of Spirit. This is the mission of Aikido.
There is no enemy for Ueshiba of Aikido. You are mistaken if you think that budo means to have opponents and enemies and to be strong and fell them. There are neither opponents nor enemies for true budo. True budo is to be one with the universe; that is to be united with the Center of the universe (MEDITATION)).
Then, how can you straighten YOUR warped mind, purify your heart, and be harmonized with the activities of all things in Nature? You should first make the kami's heart yours (THROUGH MEDITATION). It is a Great love, Omnipresent in all quarters and in all times of the universe.
Winning means winning over the mind of discord in YOURSELF. It is to accomplish your bestowed mission.
This is not mere theory. You practice it. Then you will accept the great power of oneness with Nature.
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