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Re: Poll: How necessary are organizations in aikido?

Probably there are two questions included.
1st) Is an aaikdo organisation needed?
2nd) Do we need several independent organisations?

While the answer to the first question seems to be clearly that an organisation is at least helpful to spread the art and get a structure in teaching and grading, the second one is not as easy.

My opinion is that we could easily refrain from some of the organisations, at latest since the passing of O Sensei, there is no one who can dictate what is aikido and how to obtain it. Many organisations are founded to emphasise their assessment to the Do, and that is good as long as no one claims to have the real and only truth.

And then you have to accept exaggerations that in some regions there are times that nearly every shodan seems to create his own organisation just for egotisical reasons. Time will show their worth and many of them vanish or merge.

I do not like all the politics, that come up there, but I accept, that we are all on the Way and thus have human habits, some improved further some did not yet understand the idea of aikido.

Just my 2 cts.

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