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Re: Aikido and Target Focus Training


Good post and I agree with most of it. One more thing to bring to the mix though is regarding the statement you made:

Once we have broken our attacker's elbow why would we stop? We would not. If we were smart we would get another injury…. then another…. until the attacker is completely non-functional. The point of getting an injury is so as to be able to get another, to get as many injuries as you need to be able to walk away knowing that the job is done.
In most cases the law states you can only do enough "violence" to end the threat. Once you move beyond that it is no longer self-defense it is assult on your part. So if you break the elbow, then disloate the shoulder, then snap the knee and finally break the nose odds are that you are the one going to jail.

That is unless you are willing to leave your would be assilant lying in the street and walk away from the situation, which is what I did actually. I made sure he was "ok", he was unconsious; Then I left, called the police with an anonymous call that they might want to send someone to check on him.

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