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Larry Cuvin
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Re: Ki and Technique...

James Webb wrote:

I have been taught that using Ki in our techniques will add potential, is that true? Example when I see an open spot while open sparring and I make a strike adding a 'kihai!' will add strength. is this tue for all techniques?

Hi James,
I'm using your term "using Ki" as extending Ki. A definite yes on adding potential on any technique or for anything we do in our life. I have been a student of Ki Aikido for just a year and a half now and the things that I learn on every Ki class we never ceases to amaze me. Extending Ki when you perform anything allows you to perform at your full potential.

As far as "Kiai" is concerned, we normally do not do this during practice but in my opinion, it adds to your focus and therefore adds energy towards the technique.
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