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Re: Looking for a honest opinion

Having done a little video work, I know just how difficult it can be to get a professional feel. I think you've done a fantastic job here though. Overall I really enjoyed it and thought it really gave an insight into the aikido you are doing (which seemed impressive). Main comments are:

1. techniques well performed (on the whole)
2. timing of the introductory text is good
3. I like the way you divided it into sections
4. There seems to be a heavy judo influence in places (never saw Ueshiba do a sacrifice throw, though I do them a fair bit myself in aikido!)
5. In the hanmi-handachi randori with woman, there is someone who stands in front of the camera for ages, obscuring the techniques. Either cut or this to last bit or remove section completely.
6. A tea ceremony on the mat seemed a bit bizzare. Not sure if this is really part of aikido; health and safety wouldn't allow boiling water in our dojo! Maybe have a tea ceremony in a different setting/some one on one interviews or some training outside?
7. I don't like the reference to Ueshiba as 'the greatest martial artist in history'. Surely this would go down to Minamoto Musashi? I think it automatically suggests to other martial artists that we are unware of the developments in other peoples martial arts. Instead you could say that he was the only person in a non sword martial art to earn the purple ribbon (highest award for contribution to martial arts) - look on aikifaqs for info on this. Alternatively, use some other, factual and non-subjective information.

However, all in all, I think you should be extremely pleased with this production. It's better than some footage I've seen on commercial martial ats videos.

P.S. (I didn't have the sound on)

---understanding aikido is understanding the training method---
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