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Re: so and so san

David Young wrote:
...your learning a part of Japanese culture when you learn a Japanese martial art, the Japanese language is also a part of Japanese culture right??? So in other words its not "lets try and make this as Japanese as possible just to be cool" its "lets keep this as traditional and culturally accurate as possible whilst still being possible to learn in our country".
Well, I think you're reading a lot more into this than there really is.

There is a difference, in my eyes, between maintaining proper dojo etiquette and the traditional japanese names of techniques on the one hand and the calling everyone -san, eating nothing but Japanese pickles and rice, living in a cave and doing 1000 ken suburi every morning and evening on the other.

You can try too hard, you know.

And why would you call an instructor -chan or even -san? All teachers in Japan are -sensei.
That's of course a literal translation. If they are yondan and above, yes, then sensei is a title rather than a description.

Sorry if this post has a rather annoyed note to it but I am getting rather annoyed as someone who studies Japanese and Japanese culture when I see their culture dying away and become westernised.
This is, of course, opens another discussion entirely. Cultures evolve or stagnate. A culture that does not change over time is one that is dying, not the one that evolves.

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