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Re: Looking for a honest opinion

Hi Robert,

First of all, great video! I really enjoyed seeing your dojo and looking for new things. One thing I liked and never saw before was that entry into sankyo toward the end of the video. I've never seen a more awkward uke. I'd like to practice that some time.

Regarding the song credits: It's Enigma- Carly's Song (some remix of it) and not Enya. The role of music is interesting. While I was searching for a new dojo, I found two sites. One's demo had Metallica as a score and the other had shakuhachi flute music. The techniques were pretty much the same but the music made one feel like a relaxing atmosphere and the other made me ready for battle.

The video was fun. I felt that some of the moments could've been edited a little shorter. I don't have any specifics but i got this feeling more toward the end than the beginning. I'm not sure if your audience is the internet, visitors in the dojo lobby, spectators at demonstrations, etc. Most of the online demo videos I've seen are shorter. Of course the production level of yours was pretty high so I didn't mind it being lengthier.

Well, that's my two yen (remember the exchange rate. Two yen is not worth as much as two cents).

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