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Re: ?? Exaggeration in Aikido ??

Jean de Rochefort wrote:
Sure, sure. Then I suppose I'm also vulnerable to being under attack by twenty dwarves while standing on one foot under a table.

LOL. Your posts are still dull. You still shouldn't be giving out advice.

Unfortunately, all the details are there to be discovered...not explained. Go practice and think really hard about this stuff. Maybe you'll get it one day.
Ok if you prefer it in context here it is. Here's how the above looks to me. You've likened preparing for adapting to unpredictability and chaos in a fight to preparing for "being attacked by twenty dwarves while standing on one foot under a table"

This leads me to believe one of two things must be true.
a) You're simple
b) You consider unpredictability and chaos in a fighting context to be an unlikely occurance - as unlikely as your example. So unlikely that it's not worth training for.

I'm going to assume you're not simple. Which leaves us with b), which tells me you don't know a whole lot about fighting. Go and practice *fighting* with people who train to *fight* and you'll maybe get it one day.

How was that, better?

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