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Greg Jennings
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Re: Wanted Takemusu Aikido Vol 1

Originally posted by Antony_Watson

I'm been searching high and low for the book Takemusu Aikido Vol 1.

I've found volumes 2 onwards.

Unfortunately its been out of print for a long time thus not available through anyone I've contacted.

If anyone knows where I can pickup a copy in Australia or via the net or whatever I would be most appreciative.

At this point I'd settle for a photocopy even.

If anyone has any suggestions where I might get my hands on an original or a photocopy please contact me.

Thanks in advance,
Do you mean Takemusu Aikido which is the new series by AikiNews or Traditional Aikido which is the old series by Sugawara Martial Arts Institute?

Getting Takemusu Aikido Volume 1 should be as easy as ordering it here .

If you're talking about Traditional Aikido, good luck. You'd have to put out a bid to a book locating service or similar. Not many people that have them are willing to part with them.

Best Regards,

Greg Jennings
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