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Re: Ireland?

Hopefully Ian will join in at some point and give an insiders view.

I don't know whether aikido has helped the big picture there, I'm sure it has helped the people who are practicing.

I do feel that the peace talks that lead to the Good Friday Agreement did indeed display aiki principles, in that all sides were included, the will of each group was considered. There were talks held with 'terrorists' despite the official line of 'we do not engage in negotiation with terorists'. You have to engage/blend fully with the enemy to bring about some sort of resolution.
My view as a close-ish outsider is that the peace is tenuous but the majority of people are fed up with the troubles, and have no desire for them to return. I just hope that in their next elections they elect people of as 'moderate' views as possible, who are willing to try and cement a system that can't slide backwards into violence.

Where you when we need you Ian?


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