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Re: Paradox: God cannot not believe

Interesting thread covering some of the ground my private speculation has followed, However when Ian states
When talking about Atheist we must look at the fact that everyone is born an atheist. It is an accident of birth which determines the indoctrination of becoming a Hindu, a Moslem, a Jew or any of a multitude of Christian denominations and to induce a child to believe in basically anything one chooses, i.e. santa claus, faries, god(s), heaven, hell, etc. is fairly easy. Religion is primarily a matter of infant brainwashing continued endlessly generation after generation with no one thinking to check the basic claims. The environmental culture and peer pressure reinforces the home indoctrination.
I must disagree. My own experiences as a child and observation of the current crop show me that we are all born as profound believer's in magic, especially of the sympathetic and ritualistic kind which can be seen as religion.

Lucky coins, rocks or whatever, turning round ten times or holding your breath to get good luck, or even a footballers lucky sock are all evidence of that root belief. Various religions and philosophy's either codify a natural response into its own system or attempt to challenge it to death. Intellectually many of us know that cannot luck cannot be coerced, but emotionally we still like to have our "lucky pulling pants" on at a party.

BTW, I don't have OCD despite how it sounds!
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