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Re: Article: Apples and Oranges; State Specific Learning by Lynn Seiser

And not everyone's brain is "wired" the same way. Some, like myself prefer a general to specific approach. I feel it works better for me. Of course, the test of a good teacher is the ability to determine which preferred learning method works best for which students.

Rather than subscribe to a "state specific" paradigm, I prefer to think of martial arts as building blocks of sets of skills. Individual LEGO building blocks aren't very useful, but combining them together in various ways, one can make many wonderful architectural forms. But they are all made out of the same building blocks. (Of course some blocks may be different because they serve different functional purposes).

I think it is easy to confuse aikido (as a whole) as a building block in itself. Aikido is made up of smaller blocks of skillsets, many of which are common to other martial arts.

I think Bruce Lee understood that - at least that's what I gathered from my interpretation of the JKD philosophy.

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