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Ai symbol Re: Tracing my Philippine Aikikai Roots

Reyne Caritativo wrote:
hi there again. ...with regards to P.A.P.A. or the Phillipine Association for the Propagation of Aikido, i think Tenegra sensei is not affiliated with that group, but one of it's high-ranking member, Robert Soliven sensei was a member of Tenegra sensei's group, the Manila Association for the Propagation of Aikido or M.A.S.P.A. But i think this group is not exsisting more thing, about bong achas' sister which you've mentioned, i've seen her on the old martial art magazine which Tenegra sensei was featured. i think she's one of the senior students of Tenegra sensei. just for your memories.
Hi, there...
Your are right, Sensei Tenegra is not part of Phillipine Association for the Propagation of Aikido, but of Pilipinas Aikido Propagation Association, a different P.A.P.A.
Right now, I am looking at my Aikido certificate from 19th Dec, 1981-- it says
........Pilipinas Aikido Propagation Association
........National Aikido Headquarters, Manila, Philippines,
........Sole Representative of AikiKai Foundation,
........Aikido World Headquarters,
........Member, International Aikido Federation

with Johnny Tenegra as President/Founder and Getulio G. Castro as VP/Treas/Co-Founder. I've never met Getulio Castro, though. It has always been Johnny Tenegra that was on the dojo. I remember Sensei Tenegra as a soft-spoken person and don't know much of his personal life.

So now you will understand why I was tracing Sensei Tenegra's whereabouts.

I do not know about MASPA, but the gold-foil seal says "Manila Aikidokas & Sports Propagation Association -- Hombu Loyalist Group".

I am aware of Bong's sister, Ching (now Mother Prioress Rafaeli), as one of the senior students of Sensei Tenegra. I was training with her on the same PAPA dojo in 81-82.

If I remember right, Robert Soliven is the stocky guy of Chinese descent, and the one nicknamed Johnny. There is another one, a taller skinny guy, a close friend of Robert, that I am starting to remember (I cannot remember his name now, though) .

Any leads as to where Robert Soliven is? Internet search only reveals an old interview printed in Rapid Journal in 1997 -- Volume 2 Number 2 * Book 4 - 1997, Aikido: Path of Harmony and Energy (Interview with Robert Soliven) .Is Rapid Journal still an active magazine? I looked into its website and its webpages has 1996 copyright on them. SO, I do not know if it is an old page, the webmaster forgot to update it's site copyright.


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