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Edwin Neal
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Re: Aikido and Target Focus Training

I believe the "ikkyo" pictured could 'possibly' work and do the 'injury' that seems to be your mantra, but it is less likely to work than a functionally formed ikkyo... however injury does not in my mind mean the attackers stops... this is a possibility, but not a certainty...
"Blocking and countering is a very dangerous game to play. This kind of tit for tat fighting lies in the realm of combat sport and has no relevance in the realm of asocial violence."
this is exactly my point... a fight, whether in a ring or in a sd situation IS a dynamic situation that does involve alot of actions and reactions on both sides... even IF you break his arm, it is still possible that the attacker can continue to fight... this terminology that is being invoked 'asocial violence' just means fight... you and TFT are muddying the waters with these turns of phrase... it is no 'different' kind of encounter... it is a fight plain and simple... if you don't finish it then the other guy will... to finish it you must 'completely' control the situation and the attacker... you must completely defend yourself, and completely control your attacker... TFT reminds me of a young friend of mine who boldly stated at our first meeting "no martail art can stop me... i can knock anyone out"... he has had a change of heart since he has never 'knocked me out' and i have frequently choked or tapped him out... he like TFT makes one critical ommision...PROTECT YOUSELF AT ALL TIMES... if you don't then you could be taken out of the fight by 'injury'

"I would honestly say that to slam an elbow beyond the pathological limit, correct ikkyo technique or not, and you will get no counter attack."
"He will be too busy nursing his injury to be stabbing anyone. "

these are HUGE assumptions!!! anecdotal evidence shows us many situations where injury, even fatal injury, have not caused someone to stop and nurse their wounds... infact they often continued to act in spite of severe injury... thus as this is a fundamental tenet of TFT, and i believe a faulty assumption... TFT's strategy seems to be on shaky ground...

EVERY BLOCK IS A STRIKE AND EVRY STRIKE IS A BLOCK. OK, what does that mean exactly? That to me is a response steeped in mysticism...

sorry, not in my study of mysticism... i fail to see any mystic ideas in this statement... any strike/block has as it's intent BOTH causing injury to the attacker, and preventing injury to the defender... nothing mystical in that... your statement, "Every injury is a non-injury and every non-injury is and injury." is logically unsound...

you must be getting quite a bit of the money that this slick marketing scheme is generating... I invite those following this topic to note the exorbitant fee's that are charged for seminars... to so empassionately espouse it... my opinion still stands... it is slick marketing of enough good stuff to sell it, but too much bad stuff to be worth it...

Edwin Neal

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