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Re: interesting II...

Originally posted by Jon C Strauss

Why don't you tell me what you found "debatable" and we'll see if I agree or not.
I have a few of my own ideas concerning this, most of them having to do with Tohei Sensei's desire to show the importance of Ki training, but I've never been taght the official party line. I liked what Thalib had to say though (and he said it very well, too).

Rocky Mountain Ki Society
I posted the original question on ki-info group. JCS was the only full reply with the following:

...My guess is that he since he wanted some kind of rank structure for both typs of
training, he decided to use the older, koryu-type of of licensure rank for Ki development and the more modern kyu/dan system for Aikido.
By using the older system for Ki development, it clearly (?) indicates who may teach/test for other ranks. Symbolically, perhaps it also helps to demonstrate the primacy of Ki development over Aikido rank....
Since there aren't many Ki Society types on this forum, an explaination is in order. The Ki Society teaches both Ki development and its own style of Aikido, know as Ki-Aikido or Shin Shin Toitsu Aikido (Aikido with Mind and Body Unified). When a member is tested in Aikido technique, they also need a Ki development rank to go along with the Aikido rank they're testing for.

The Ki development ranks and the Aikido ranks are not on a one-to-one basis. So you don't need Chuden Ki development rank to have a Nidan Aikido rank. It is possible for a Ki Society member to have a Ki development rank but no Aikido rank or knowledge of Aikido techniques. It isn't possible for a member to have an Aikido rank but no Ki development rank.

Basically, this idea of Ki development came from Shin Shin Toitsu Do, which was from Tempu Nakamura's Tempukai. Nakamura Sensei was a Japanese equivalent to Positive Mental Attitude thinkers like Norman Vincent Peale or Dale Carnegie. Nakamura Sensei had studied Yoga to cure himself of a chronic disease. Tohei Sensei studied with Tempukai when he was with O Sensei. He utilized Nakamura's theories on mind and body coordination to create a vocabulary and core concepts in teaching both Ki development and Aikido. From what I've been able to determine, Tohei Sensei added several things, including Ki testing, using two fingers to check the stability of a student, to the tools used for Ki development. Ki development itself, would cover things like:
  • Ki exercises
  • Ki meditation
  • Ki breathing
  • Relaxation taiso
  • Kiatsu-ho (accupressure healing)

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